Joining GVRE as a Real Estate Agent

Written by Alexander Bains
Updated 1 year ago

Why should I join the GVRE network as a Real Estate Agent?

  • Qualified Clients: With innovative services comes a large volume of clients. Our realtors never have to worry about where their next client will come from. Plus, we have an inside sales team who qualifies each and every client before passing them on to you. Spend less time prospecting and more time doing what you do best.

  • Unbeatable Splits: We offer favourable splits on GVRE generated leads (and we will split the costs with you on leads we generate). Make more money and spend less on marketing. Best of all, any business you bring in, you keep 100% of the commissions receivable.

  • Innovation and Optionality: Differentiate yourself with novel services that exist nowhere else in Canada. Offer new ways to help your buyers and sellers reach their goals.

  • Pricing Team: Leverage our home pricing experts, and GVRE.AI (Coming Soon) to help you price homes with confidence. Walk into every listing presentation with the most accurate market analysis in hand.

  • Training and Support: Stay at the top of your game with ongoing training, market intelligence, and personalized coaching. You will even have administrative assistance and the support of a Real Estate Team Lead in your city.

What services does GVRE provide Real Estate Agents that affiliate with GVRE?

In addition to the qualified leads, unbeatable splits, and other exciting reasons to join the GVRE Network, GVRE also provides Real Estate Agents with services that help you create the best buying and selling experience for your client.

These services include:

  • Marketing and design support: We have in-house designers who help provide GVRE branded marketing collateral as well as a marketing/growth team that concentrates on our promotion for the company using digital ads, print marketing, and more.

  • CRM and software: We provide tools to keep you organized, accountable and focused on your success

  • Training and deal assistance: Each city has an experienced real estate lead to help you reach the next level in your career. With weekly and monthly training opportunities available and 1:1 support when you need it, you’ll never go at it alone. Additionally, Real Estate Agents have access to in-house administrative support to help with contracts, inputting listings, and other administrative tasks

How does GVRE give out new clients to GVRE Network Real Estate Agents?

  • New clients are dispersed equitably amongst each city’s Real Estate Agents

  • Any listing lead will be dispersed to the listing Real Estate Agent handling the listing.

  • Service level expectations will be provided.

Does GVRE take on new Real Estate Agents?

  • If you have already obtained your license and are a registered member at a Brokerage we would love to discuss working together. We have fantastic programs to help support new and growing Real Estate Agents.

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