How does GVRE work?

Written by Alexander Bains
Updated 2 years ago

GVRE works with local experts - ranging from Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and Marketers - so you’ll never miss out on a great home.

This is how it works:

Step 1

Connect with us to chat about your home

Connect with the GVRE team to determine your situation. A GVRE agent will discuss the process with you, highlighting any potential obstacles and solutions, and formulate a game plan to help you do what moves you.

Step 2

Tour homes until you find "the one"

You'll be matched with an experienced local GVRE Realtor so you may begin looking for your next home, armed with the confidence that you'll be able to make the offer when you find the one. Your agent will recommend personalized listings, schedule showings, and negotiate the right offer for you.

Step 3

Buy your new home and move in

When you find the one for you, your GVRE mortgage advisor will search for the best rates for your situation to secure financing and make it official. Close on your new home with the support of the GVRE team and move in!

Step 4

Continue having ongoing support with your GVRE Agent

The completion of your home doesn't mean the end - With GVRE our agents take pride in ensuring all homeowners are settling in well, and answer any lingering questions that may arise.

Can I work with any financial institution for my mortgage?

Yes, with GVRE Financial, we get you the best rates & features in the market. Tailoring your mortgage from 50+ lenders to save you thousands of dollars. Unlike the other guys, we also provide transparent options.

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